The Dogs

No Leatherback Lodge is complete without a happy troupe of dogs. They are wonderful "fur therapy".


Here is the latest addition ... named "Jack Warner" in honour of a local politician who ran against the establishment as an independent .... and won!

of course all little puppies grow up sooner or later. In jack's case it's very much later. Here he is at just over a year. Much bigger but still as playful



Then there is trusty "Shep"



They are meant to be guard dogs but will quickly become your best friend.

We even had one guest who nearly cried when he had to leave Shep!


And then last but definitely not least we have Coco our boat dog seen here in her life jacket out kayaking with Louise.



At the Lodge Coco loves to take her daily bath in one of our "ponds"...

...... hence her rather muddy appearance.