About The Leatherback Turtle


Whether you are a nature lover wanting to see the world famous Leatherback Turtle coming ashore to lay her eggs after swimming all the way from Australia; professional looking for a different holiday with personalised service and one on one tours, a "Birder" with a passion for tropical birds and butterflies, or a businessman looking for accommodation with a personal touch, the Leatherback Lodge will soothe away your stresses. Come and stay with us in style! Enjoy top class amenities, such as full-time Internet access at rates that will suit your pocket.


Located in the north east corner of Trinidad in the sleepy village of Matura, the Leatherback Lodge is THE place to stay during the world famous Leatherback Turtle nesting season. You can also enjoy watching tropical birds flocking to our feeders over breakfast, or simply relax in a hammock under the trees while reading your favourite book. Either way, rest assured that your batteries will be recharged at the Leatherback Lodge.